Sermon Series (Behind the scenes)


I’m excited to begin a brand new series this Sunday at actionchurch.   Every “first Sunday” of a series seems like a mini-christmas to me as I get to “unwrap” a brand new story from scripture, brand new visuals and graphic from Josiah, and (EVERY TIME!) share brand new things I’ve learned from my preparations that I never anticipated.

I think this series called “The Moment”, taken from the story of Ezra, marks a  milestone for us as a church.   In the past, I’ve been primarily responsible for coming up with the sermon series concepts that we do on Sundays.  In the past year, I’ve been blessed to have Rich, Steve, and Bill share some of the sunday morning teaching responsibilities.  This series will mark the first truly TEAM effort on producing a complete teaching series.  Steve Warrington began talking about the lessons he was learning from a little known Old Testament character Ezra, months ago.  Josiah contributed the “hook” of the series a few weeks ago in a meeting, and I’ll be contributing my ability to explain ancient truth from scripture with some of the dumbest analogies from modern life you’ve ever experienced in church :-)   It’s going to be fun…and truly helpful as only God’s word can be!

How does a sermon series like “The Moment”  get chosen out of all the possibilities of things we could discuss on Sunday morning?  I’m glad you asked.  Simply put, the story of Ezra answers important questions we have today, with principles and examples that are still valuable and practical NOW.  That part hasn’t changed one bit in how we prepare and plan teaching series at actionchurch.  Every week we attempt to connect the “right” questions with the right answers from scripture.   Ask the wrong questions- you get “boring”.  (Does anyone really have pressing questions about how to build a temple as Ezra and his fellow Israelites did?)  If we give the wrong answers…answers not connected to the truth of scripture…people are harmed and credibility is lost.   I’m excited about “The Moment” because I’m SURE that we’ll be answering some really important questions about “Dreams”, Success, Legacy, and living a  life of significance with POWERFUL truths from the story of EZRA.

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