Pride or Confidence?

ladiesOne of “my girls” had a great opportunity last week.  Over the course of hostessing the Women’s Group I find that I have become very possessive of the ladies….not in a creepy way….I guess more like a mother hen.  It is a wonderful, close knit group of women who care about each other and what happens in each other’s lives.

We talk a lot about our faith.  We talk a lot about family.  We talk about careers and dreams.  We talk about our struggles and pains.  We talk about our joys and triumphs.  We talk….well – obviously we talk.

Anyway.  One of “my girls” had a great opportunity to interview for a great position that would enable God to do great things with her life.  Going into the interview she emailed me that she was going to “kill it” and that the interview process really brought out her ego.


There is a HUGE difference between pride and confidence.  As a “mature” woman of some years I really get frustrated when younger people – women in particular – view their skills and talents as somehow… bad.   She was confusing her confidence and literally misnaming it ego.

PRIDE is a sin.  It is arrogant and vain. It is egotistical.  Ego puts self first and others second. It is seeking the spot light for the sake of being the center of attention. Pride is giving yourself credit for something God has accomplished.

CONFIDENCE – on the other hand – comes from faith.  It is poise.  It is grace. It is knowing when to be humble and when to accept praise in God’s name.  Confidence is the radiance that you have when you know you are using your God given talent to its fullest potential.

And that is what was showing up for the interview.  Her natural talents were showing through and she was using them to God’s fullest potential!

I’ve learned over the years (that qualify me as a mature woman J ) that it is only through God’s grace that He  taps into our weaknesses and turns them to strengths.  If we have faith in His ability (not ours) we have confidence that we can move mountains for His glory.  Be confident in the you that God designed you to be.

What mountains do you want God to move in your life?


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