The SECRET (to doing what you want to do)


We just celebrated 5 years as a church last Sunday. I’m blessed to have a great team of men to help carry the load of teaching and leading actionchurch today, but for the first 4+ years of the church, I preached nearly every Sunday.  I’m nearing 250 sermons preached, and I feel grateful every week to be at a place like actionchurch where I can “do what I want” every week.

I’ve heard from guest speakers in the past that actionchurch is a “difficult” or “scary” place to preach.  You never know what the music will be like from week to week. You never know who will show up.  It’s dark and hard to see the crowd (and your notes if you are over 40). We used to meet in a bar…and preach next to a Coors Light sign with a Bikini Girl on it.   actionchurch people don’t exactly “amen” like a 1950’s tent meeting.   It can be a tough room.

Granted, I’m weird, but I feel the exact opposite.  I love the actionchurch crowd.  They don’t flinch.  They’re up for anything.  If I come out with a q-tip, a shovel, a pop tart or a “vomit-bowl”, they are up for the adventure.  If the sermon happens to start out with an as-seen-on-TV commercial about a vacuum for earwax, their not surprised…or offended…they just sort of roll their eyes and wait for what happens next.  (Sort of like the expression you get when your toddler or dog looks prepared to do something stupid and possibly amusing…but not dangerous)  I also love the fact that when I happen to bring said q-tip, shovel, pop tart, or vomit bowl into the sermon (or any of the too-numerous-to-mention other ridiculous illustrations I’ve used over the years) I don’t have to spend mondays in meetings about why that probably wasn’t the best Idea. :-)  I am BLESSED and EXTREMELY GRATEFUL to be able to have the freedom and the forum to “do what I want to do” every Sunday morning at actionchurch.

As we talk about empowering people this month at actionchurch during the “PowerDown Initiative”  I thought you might want to know how you too can get a job that allows you to “do what you want to do”…a position that you were clearly born to do…something that you will still be excited to do even after YEARS of experience.

Here it is.

I’ll give away my secret.

The secret to “doing what you want to do”.
Is to do LOTS of things that you DON’T want to do.

What do you really “want to do”?  What were you born to do?   Are you willing to do the things you don’t want to do, to experience it?


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