Gravy boat or…

BAgIk4oCEAE6gRL.jpg-largeLast year when we were interviewed for our Meet the Crew Interview – one of the questions we were  was “What is your favorite memory of Don?”

Wow!  Talk about a loaded question.  Where to start…where to start? I think someday I will write a book of famous quotes and memories from the Record family (submit your entries at – Josiah would love to hear from you!).  But seriously, after yesterday’s message the new  #1 on my top 10 list of favorites – hands down – “It looked like ten pounds of jello jigglers in a five pound bag.”  Visual imagery at it’s finest folks.

The point of any message or sermon illustration isn’t necessarily to make us laugh, (although some weeks you have to admit – the man is just on a roll!) but humor can be a very effective tool to grab our attention and spark our memory.  Don uses humor every week to make us think.  To make us stretch.  To challenge us.  I am so very thankful for his gift.  Every week I walk out of Frank Theater with so much stuff swimming around in my head.

Here is what I left with yesterday:

I don’t want to be a vomit bowl.

I don’t want to be ten pounds of jello jigglers.

 Monday morning is here and the message is still clear to me. Yes.  Jesus will wash away my sin.  BUT I have to want to stay clean.  I have to want to become like a fine piece of china.  I have to choose to turn away from sin and turn towards righteousness.

No.  I shouldn’t be judged by how I look, dress, act…..BUT I have to respect myself.  I have to be beautiful inside (rather than outside).  I have to choose to turn away from self and toward self sacrifice.

There is an old saying that came to mind this morning:  If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck….it’s probably a duck”.    Keep this thought handy as you think about sin buckets and youthful lust this week (you are welcome for the reminder ) :-)…..If it looks like a sinner, walks like a sinner and talks like a sinner…’s probably a sinner.



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