Christmas Album

Writing yesterday’s blog post and looking through some of the great pictures Garrett Snyder snapped Sunday made me remember some of my favorite Christmas pics from actionchurch past…

Love This Shot of Jerry and the all-stars at Club 19.  This is where our love of yard ornamentation on stage began.  (We still used all of em Sunday) :-)

Josiah’s First (and only) attempt at metal art. Festive and Lethal!

Personal favorite from actionkidz past…

Speaking of actionkidz, anyone remember the year we built an entrance out of boxes?

Then there was the year we decided to “re-tell” a Christmas Classic.  We were highly amused…as I remember, we were about the only ones.  (First time we ran the service from an iPhone onstage-Josiah was not just checking his mail)

Here I am being FAR too proud of the pulpit of candy canes I just “crafted”

I still remember using dozens of cans of cheap spray black spray paint to create our coat giving tree…the year before black trees were available everywhere. grrrr.

No Caption needed.

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