Storm Reminders

Waking up this morning after Hurricane Sandy visited, reminded me of just how SWEET it is to have power. (Especially for the coffee maker!)  I probably should feel that same gratitude every morning…but it takes a storm…a storm with howling winds…flying fruit stands (yep, I witnessed that yesterday)…twisted trees and thousands without power…to remind ME of how many amazing things I take for granted every day.

  • Family
  • Friends.
  • A warm, dry place to stay.
  • Stores that generally have fully stocked shelves. (except for snow storms, hurricanes, and of course Walmart on inventory day)
  • Windshield wipers.
  • Halloween Candy
  • Utility workers
  • Weather Radar on your smartphone.
  • Clear roads that aren’t littered with fallen trees.
  • A God who is much BIGGER than any storm.

That’s my list.  I’ve probably overlooking a thousand other things that I should be grateful for.  What’s your list?

So this morning, If you survived the storm relatively unscathed, be Grateful.  If you need help, say so.  If your neighbor needs help, Jump in. (You are the “first responder”)  Most of all, allow this storm to remind you of the many simple blessings that we take for granted every day.

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