Crew tag evolution

This week our crew members got a new updated badge.  I know I’m not the most objective person when it comes to items with cog branding, but I think they look stunning.  Garrett Snyder managed to locate all of the badges we’ve used over the years, and snapped this shot on Sunday.

I’m NOT a designer. You can see that from the first two badges “designed”, printed, cut, and stuffed into the annoying-little-plastic-sleeves-from-Staples all by yours truly. :-)  Josiah has taken our branding to great levels over the years, and he will be GLAD to talk to you at length about the font changes and textures used in the new badge…I just think it looks cool.

But, here’s something that makes me very grateful this morning:  For almost five years the PEOPLE that WEAR these BADGES have done some remarkable things: Crew members don’t just “go to church”- each week they PROVIDE a church for their friends and family members in York County.

They provide a safe and fun atmosphere for kids to learn about the God of the Bible!

They move and assemble TONS of equipment to turn venues that serve as theaters, nightclubs, or bars into a church on Sunday morning…and then the tear it down and put it back in the truck for another week.

They provide top notch art, sound, and lighting so that our guests can hear the good news about Jesus from the Bible in a winsome and attractive way.

They staff information booths, welcome guests, answer questions, have awkward conversations, solve problems, and think of ways to make the entire operation run smoother and more efficiently.

Crew Members do jobs that many of them wouldn’t even attempt at their “real job” every week…for free…early on a weekend morning.  Have you ever tried to coral and teach a dozen three year old’s anything at your job?  Ever carried a bulky 100+ pound case up flights of stairs?  Ever try to set up sound and lighting in a theater and soundcheck a full rock band in 90 minutes?  Ever try to get a full rock band to SHOW UP before 9AM on a Sunday morning?  Ever tried to diffuse an explosive device by cutting either the red wire or the blue wire?  (It’s always the red wire btw.)  Crew members do all of these things  (except for the whole bomb defusing thing) every week.

I’m thankful for every new crew badge…and especially every crew member.   I just wanted to take a few moments to say thank you, and remind us all what the remarkable things that our crew members do each week.  If you feel the same, I’d love it if you would thank one of the great folks wearing one of the sweet new badges this Sunday.

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