Big ASK List Update.

Alright actionchurch, you’ve already done amazing things.  This project to source supplies and funds to outfit an Orphanage in Honduras, has been one part scavenger hunt, one part extreme couponing, one part Extreme Home Makeover and about 99 parts crazy!  Thanks to you, we’ve already delivered several pick-up loads of items to Sarah.   Here’s the plan for the final week…the final push.

 1.  We’ve got one more week  (Sunday 9/16) to gather the items.  If you still have a card for an item or cash donation out-  Bring bring them Sunday.

2.  Here is a list of the only items that have not yet been covered.  If you can get one of these items please contact us at so we can take it off the list and not receive multiples.

Quality lanterns (Battery powered)

Stainless Steel Skillet

Food Processor

Grain Mill (hand crank)

Computer Learning Programs (in Spanish)


Large Wall Map


Twin Sheet and blanket sets (for little girls rooms)

*New item: 9 Pillows 4 Pillows

3.  On Sunday (9/23)  we’ll announce the totals and celebrate together.

4.  Finally, on Sunday (9/30) you’ll get to meet Sarah and hear her story in person in the main service.

Thanks to Kenna and the events team and EVERYONE who has made this seemingly impossible Big ASK Project possible…in an impossibly short length of time!   Just one more week…let’s run through the tape at the finish!


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