Kenna’s Baptism and Barbecue update.

┬áIf you missed actionchurch on Sunday – you missed one CRAZY morning!

We got to preview the entire line up of Frank Theater’s summer movies due to a CRAZY technical glitch. I didn’t see any Like Mike advertisement – so I guess, for a church service intro it wasn’t too bad.

Then Don gave a message with a really hard pill to swallow. We are talking about the “stories” or parables that Jesus used when he was teaching. The really CRAZY thing is they are still ringing true today. This week our message was the parable of the vineyard and the landowner. To make it real simple – when we start comparing ourselves/sitations to other people our gratitude can turn into atitude. And even more simple – it’s none of our business what God chooses to do with his grace.

And then to top it all off there was a really CRAZY Abbott and Costello – “Who’s on first” imitation by Josiah and I. We tried to give everyone the information about the upcoming church picnic. I dont’ think we were too successful – so – to make it real simple :

WHO: Everyone is invited. If you choose to bring something to share, we break it down like this – actionchurch brings the main dish and plates. If your last name begins with A-I – bring drinks. If your last name begins with L-P bring a side dish. If your last name begins with Q-Z bring a dessert. “What’s so hard about that?”

WHAT: A normal old church picnic…..except everyone knows actionchurch isn’t “normal” – so we bring bounce houses and SHAVED ice and balloon launchers AND we baptise people in a horse trough. Yea, it’s just that CRAZY.

WHEN: Sunday July 29th – starting at 11:00 a.m. – It’s ALWAYS the 5th Sunday in July!!!!!!!

WHERE: Rudy Park – It’s kind of behind Central High School – but I’m trusting Josiah to include some kind of link or map or something

WHY: Because we Love God – Love People and Take Action. Please, please, please come join us – because it is so crazy, cool, fun, and interesting to hang with so many “not normal” people. Hope to see you there!


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