I love this picture that someone snapped this weekend.  Yes, Steve, Bill, Josiah, and I have devastatingly handsome legs.  (Beauty tip:  The trick is to keep them pasty white- and we’ve been keeping them OUT of the sun for years).  Yes, we all are wearing some really great looking actionchurch t-shirts.  But don’t be distracted by our catalog-model good looks. (or the glare off of our legs).  I love this picture because all of us are obviously still having FUN.

I think fun is holy.  It was created by God.  It’s listed first among the core values of actionchurch.   I believe that one of the reasons that we can look forward to heaven is that we will serve God together with people we love.   It will be FUN.

I’m thankful for the people I serve with at actionchurch.  I’m thankful to serve with  a leadership team that has not forgotten what it is to have FUN.  I’m thankful for a church full of people who work hard and laugh lots!  Most of all all I’m thankful for a God who created us to serve others not purely out of obligation or religious guilt…but joyfully…yes…having FUN.

What we Value

Fun! Brevity. Cultural Relevance. Authenticity. “A little less talk and a lot more action!” Transformation over information. Doing nothing Half way! Kindness and generosity…with no strings attached. “Making Jesus Famous!” Creativity. Originality. Ambiance. Art. Family.

                                                                         -from the actionchurch manifesto (2007)




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