I love this snap of Farewell Flight sound checking Sunday morning.  GREAT band, but I have to admit was admiring the new logo slide Josiah created for the big screen. If you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty big into branding at actionchurch.  There is pretty much NOTHING that we won’t brand with a cog…nothing we won’t tag with “love God, love people, take action”.  (can you count the cogs in the picture above) :-)

I had a great conversation with someone just yesterday who had “seen that gear logo EVERYWHERE” and wanted to know what actionchurch is “all about”.  The great thing about our conversation, was that I actually had a story to tell about all of the great things God has done for…and through!…our church.  I was able to tell stories of how actionchurch people actually “love God, love people, and Take action” in very tangible ways.

I am grateful to hear that our little church’s brand is becoming known in the community. Not bad for an organization that has spent about $7 in actual advertising over the past 4 years.   I’m even more grateful that our brand means something…that loving God, loving people, and taking action is more than a catchy slogan.  Thanks to ALL of you who make that a reality each week OUTSIDE of Frank Theater.  Your actions are the true “brand” of actionchurch!

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