Twitter Weekly Updates for 2012-02-26

  • It's frantic, it's color coded, it's amazing! actionchurch load out. #
  • Woke up to a smurf village update featuring a new island. Planning on colonizing it with work camps. :-) #
  • Looking forward to giving these away as ticket number door prizes tomorrow night. (that's a $50 theater gift card…) #
  • Here's all the things you'll need to know if you're planning on joining us tonight for our 4th birthday bash: #

  • Looking forward to some yummy cake from @yourhappybaker tonight at the actionchurch birthday party. :-). #yum #
  • Taking off early so that I can get my hair "did" in those princess leia cinnamon bun thingies. :-) #
  • Yep. That's a death star cake! By @yourhappybaker #
  • Thanks @FRANKTHEATRES for a great birthday party. Watching Star wars with two theaters full of my actionchurch friends!! #
  • When painting: more light=more defects seen and repaired=a better paint-job.

    I'm pretty sure that's why God calls his words the "light". #

  • Trying out the new cheddars cafe as a public service to everyone. Cookie in a skillet here I come… :-) #
  • Here's a preview of what's happening this Sunday morning at actionchurch: #

  • I think actionchurch is the only church I've ever looked forward to serving at on "Daytona 500 Sunday". :-) #
  • Anyone who claims to know all the answers doesn't really know very much. But the person who loves God is the on… #
  • But God made the earth by his power,
    and he preserves it by his wisdom.
    With his own understanding
    he stretche… #
  • Was greeted in the truck this morning by a Goodyear racing hat signed by Dale Sr.!!! Thanks @XbillsnyderX. #daytona #

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