Santa Cog update from Kenna

Note:  One of our Christmas generosity efforts this year was to send the Residents of the Lydia Treatment Center on a $100 Shopping trip at Kohls, and a trip to the Styling Room Salon for a cut and color.  Thanks to your Generosity, EVERY lady of the Lydia center is heading out for a makeover evening in the next two weeks.  Here’s an update from Kenna Schaller who heads up our actionchurch events.  And an opportunity for the ladies of actionchurch to be part of the action.

I learned something over the Christmas holidays.   I learned that our tee-shirts aren’t just a slogan.  Our tee-shirts hold the key to the universe – the galaxy – to all distant things of the future.  As a matter of fact, if actionchurch had been around when Lucas was making Star Wars, I am certain that the good guys would have been wearing heart – heart – cog tee shirts.

But seriously, what I learned was what really matters is the sequence on the shirts.  The key is you have to live out the sequence in the correct order.  Sounds pretty simple, right?  But during our Christmas missions at actionchurch I have to say that I got them all backwards.  It started out great.  God opened my heart to the Lydia Center.  It was easy to love their program and the ladies who were a part of it.  And everyone got behind the project, taking action with our shopping spree gift certificates.  Then I tried to “supervise” the event and it didn’t’ work out so good.  I was really trying to make the action move faster. – Like, jump to warp speed….get everything organized and make it fit my idea of an event.

Well, it just wasn’t working.  The signals were jammed.  And then I wasn’t loving people too much.  People weren’t cooperating with ME.  And what I realized was that I wasn’t putting God first and letting him lead me to bigger and better things.

You HAVE to love God first.  Then you HAVE to love people.  And finally you HAVE to take action.  Without those three key elements in place in the correct order it just doesn’t work.

The good news is that God worked in his own time to make the Lydia Center project so much better than I could ever even have imagined.  On Monday the 20th and Monday the 27th of February we will be taking the next step in our journey with the Lydia Center ladies.  Their night of pampering (hair, nails, gossip, food, facials, etc) is fast approaching.  If you have a particular talent in any of those areas and you want to be involved in a VERY worth while mission, please contact us at and we will be glad to fill you in.  -Kenna

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