New actionchurch “gear”

You may have noticed some actionchurch crew members “test piloting” new actionchurch hats lately. (they are all to tough to model anything…so let’s just call it test piloting.)   Anyway, the hat line is available to all on Sunday. There are logo beanies, and logo brim beanies if you are too cool for beanies.  We will have two versions of our super comfy logo’d distressed baseball cap.   And, if you want to show off your cog and pretend to be a dictator of a country, we have logo “Castro” hats. :-)

We’ll also be clearing out all of our current action tee’s for $5 each (limited sizes available) to make way for this years new version that we sell to benefit our relay for life efforts.  Thanks for wearing actionchurch “gear”*



*wearing actionchurch will not: guarantee you passage to heaven, protect you from lightning strike or other natural disasters, automatically share the good news of Jesus with everyone you come in contact with, make you immune to food poisoning and/or flu-like symptoms, protect you from attacking raccoons or angry honey badgers.   It will however, look great, keep you warm, and possibly make someone ask “what’s an actionchurch?”.  Your mileage may vary.

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