Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-12-18

  • My favorite story of the day: someone bought a hot chocolate for a salvation army bell ringer and got "asked out" by a senior citizen. :-) #
  • “@josiahkatz: Had a fantastic day hanging with friends from actionchurch. Love being apart of such a giving community.” //exactly! #
  • Today's project: "ninja-bread men". #ilovemondays #
  • When churches compete for attenders by trying to offer the most "ministries and services" for attending…the "high bidder" loses. #
  • Here's what we want for Christmas (and every day) at actionchurch: #

  • Got to figure out how to get all this on stage Sunday. #rockyridge #
  • Jesus died to offer FREEDOM from guilt and shame-why do so many Christian orgs. and ministries use guilt and shame to bring change? #stopit #
  • I cannot think of a better way to end the year at actionchurch, than the service we are going to have Sunday. Be there. Bring someone! #
  • Wow. Just pushed "send" on the final actionchurch sermon of the year. I did a little drumroll first… :-) #
  • "cookie day" : What my painting clients call the day I deliver the amazing cookie tins that @mrsactionchurch fills for them each year. :-) #
  • Cake pops symbolize all that is right with the United States of America. That is all. #
  • Jesus showed us how to love our enemies… AND how not to waste ONE SECOND trying to impress them and convince them to like us. #
  • Up early before work finishing my homemade Christmas gift for actionchurch. Shhh it's a surprise. :-) #
  • Tomorrow, 10:30am-LAST actionchurch service of the year. (and the Burning State is rocking' a Mariah tune…) #bethere #
  • Tip for tomorrow: get to Frank Theaters a bit early tomorrow. Grab your donut and get seated early. Don't miss the "pre show" :-). #fb #
  • Going to a Christmas party tonight. If I have one non-awkward conversation, I'm yelling "I'm out" and exiting the room like George Costanza. #
  • …and @josiahkatz wanted a snow machine for today's service. I think God heard him. :-) #
  • The people walking in darkness
    have seen a great light;
    on those living in the land of deep darkness
    a light has… #

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