Who is actionchurch “designed for”?

I love the great questions and comments we get after a Sunday Service at actionchurch.  One question that came up this week was so important that I thought I’d post it here on the Blog in case others have wondered the same thing…

The question:   Who is actionchurch “designed for”?  Or, What type of person are you hoping will come through the theater doors on Sunday morning?  Or, in church speak, what demographic are you trying to reach?

The answer is pretty simple, but REALLY important.  It’s not an age thing, although actionchurch probably has a higher percentage of young men than any church I have ever observed.  From the beginning we have been a “man-friendly” church we don’t decorate in pastels, dried flower arrangements, quilts,  and watercolors of “feathered-hair-Jesus” holding sheep or children…we prefer to decorate in steel, leather, and electronics. :-)  However, our target audience has never been based on gender or age.

actionchurch was designed for two types of people.  EVERYONE is welcome, but from the beginning when we met at Fat Daddys Nightclub…to today as we meet in the plush Frank Theaters… two types of people are the reason we do EVERYTHING we do on Sunday morning-and throughout the week.

1. People who have wandered far away from God…and need more than anything to be loved and lead to a right relationship with God through Jesus.

2. People who are followers of Jesus- and because of what Jesus has done for them, want to Love God, Love People, and Take action by joining us on our mission to share the good news of Jesus others who have wandered far away from God.

It’s that simple.

It’s that important.

Want to join us on our mission?

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