A Place to sit on Sunday Morning…

It’s been a year since this photo was taken on our first day at our new venue, Frank Theaters Queensgate.  I remember being so excited that morning about not only having a place to meet…but that our new home was tricked out in “actionchurch colors”.  Since then, I’ve come to appreciate some things that I never even imagined on our first Sunday at the Theater.

Frank Theaters has approximately 50 employees that we can BLESS this Christmas.  Can’t Wait! (Stay tuned for super secret details about how you can be part of it)

Frank Theaters is currently serving our community in GREAT ways as they partner with York County Food Bank, Toys for Tots, and the Salvation Army this Christmas season.  We are able to support them in their really generous efforts.  (Thank you actionchurch folks for all the turkeys and food you provided for the Thanksgiving meals…and absolutely EMPTYING their Angel Tree on Sunday morning.)  I am so excited about the possibilities for what a church and a theater can accomplish as we team up to serve others!

Frank Theaters has Thirteen Theaters in their entertainment complex.  We currently rent two theaters and a party room on Sunday mornings.  We will be upping that to Three theaters and a party room in January as we increase our children’s space.  It is SUCH A BLESSING to be able to easily increase the size of our venue without having to change locations!

And yeah, I’m still pretty grateful and excited about having such sweet red leather seats to offer our guests on Sunday morning…but for these reasons and many more…I know that it is much more than just a place to sit on Sunday mornings.

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