Blessing Economy

This past Sunday in the DETERMINED series we talked about the second chapter of the book of Ruth.  If you missed it and want to check it out the podcast is here:

In the Story, a wealthy farmer (Boaz), blesses a widowed foreigner (Ruth), who in turn blesses her widowed mother-in-law (Naomi) who asks God to bless both Boaz and Ruth…and then blesses both of them personally with her wise advise and direction in chapter 3.

If you are keeping score at home:


EVERYONE showed gratitude and not entitlement.


I believe this “Blessing Economy”  is still the best way to live life today.  I believe Jesus’ statement “it is more blessed to give than receive” is still correct and powerful today.    I believe this example is the way that we should structure our holiday giving for our community as a church.

This Sunday it began with a simple request to provide ten turkeys for the great folks at Frank Theaters to put in their baskets for needy families this Thanksgiving.  I understand that those opportunities to give vanished in about 30 seconds after the service was over. :-)   In the coming weeks we will provide many more simple, practical, and life changing ways to bless others this holiday season.

Some of our Holiday Giving will cost a lot…some will be less than two dollars.  Some will require effort…some will require money and “stuff”.

Together, I believe that:

EVERY ONE of us can chose gratitude over entitlement this Christmas season.

EVERY ONE of us will have the opportunity to give SOMETHING.

I’m excited about that because I believe in God’s economy that means EVERYONE will experience the joy of being BLESSED!


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