Tae Kwon Do Lesson

Our eight year old daughter has been taking Tae Kwon Do for the past six months.  I’ll spare you all the proud dad bragging about how great I think she is doing. :-)   However… I learned something at Tae Kwon Do class last night that I want to pass on to everyone to think about.

Last night was Halloween, so the normally 60+ kids in the class turned into 6 considerably OLDER students.   No doubt trick-or-treating and Halloween parties had a LOT to do with that small number.  Other than my daughter, I could see from the belt colors of the older students that they had been studying Tae Kwon Do for years. Generally, students work out and learn with other students who share the same experience, and skill level…students wearing the same color belt.  Last night, because she was the only yellow belt who attended the class, my daughter worked out with five more experienced students and the Master.

Here’s what I witnessed:   My daughter was NOT the best person in class.  Not by a long-shot.  Everyone of the other students was more skilled and experienced than she was.  BUT…because she was working out with the master and the most committed students in the class, I saw her make a HUGE leap in ability in just one hour.  She attempted and landed kicks she had never practiced up until that point.  She learned new things just by watching the more skilled students around her practicing…instead of the students in her belt-level that she generally worked out with.

As we left class to catch the end of our hot-chocolate, cider, and candy giveaway in our driveway at home, My daughter was thrilled that she hadn’t missed class because of what she had learned (And if you are wondering, it was her choice to miss some of trick-or-treating to attend class)  I also was happy to be reminded of something about Church and following Christ that I won’t soon forget:

If you want to learn things you don’t know about life…If you want to be a “more skillful” follower of Jesus…Make sure to spend time with those who have been “learning from the master” longer than you have.  Don’t ALWAYS hang out with those who are at the “same level” as you spiritually.  Take advantage of the opportunity that presents itself at actionchurch (and everywhere)  to learn from those outside your “belt level”.  Spend time with those who have been following Jesus longer than you.   Learn from those who are older in the Faith…and in life.

Will you sometimes feel like the “worst Christian” in the room?  Yes.  (I often do…and am.)

Will you learn something? Yes.

Will you be glad you did?   Absolutely.

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