Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-10-30

  • More gratitude. Less entitlement. Are you taking the challenge this week? #
  • If you've got kids, PLEASE get the "what's in the Bible l-with Buck Denver" DVDs & watch them together. I always laugh-and LEARN something! #
  • You can find out more about the "what's in the Bible" series here.

    (created by Phil Vischer of veggie tales) #

  • "I love reading emails about actionchurch giving gift cards to families in need. Such a simple, powerful action.- @josiahkatz "//thanks a/c! #
  • What if we worried as much as parents about our children's self-control, as we do about their self-esteem?
    #littlemonsters #
  • Snow this week? #
  • Are you part of the 10%? Are you grateful, or is your happiness being stolen by entitlement? Sunday's podcast: #
  • Chose to sin, chose to suffer. -James MacDonald. //The. Truth. #
  • If you pray for God to give you opportunities to love and serve others-God will ALWAYS answer that prayer!
    #LoveGodLovePeopleTakeAction #
  • Is Halloween a great time to share your faith? Or when Satan inhabits 7 year olds in batman costumes? Take our quiz: #

  • The dollar store stopped carrying plastic shot glasses. May have to go to the "Jesus-Mart" and get legitimate communion cups 4 Sunday. :-) #
  • If blog posts that compare the Bible to oatmeal are your thing, this is the blog post for you: #

  • So thankful today that I KNOW that we serve a God who "does all things well". #
  • Don’t you realize that in a race everyone runs, but only one person gets the prize? So run to win! (1 Cor. 9:24) //no participation trophy? #
  • The bonfire scheduled for Sunday has been postponed to next SATURDAY due to muddy conditions at the park. Details: #
  • It's easier to share the vision of actionchurch as it is, even if it disappoints someone…than to change the whole church to please them. #
  • One more townhouse to spray by tonight & power has been off all day. Might be a good illustration someday-but today it's just frustrating:-) #
  • So this is why the leaves are supposed to fall off the trees before the snow comes. Limbs are falling… #
  • I'm guessing that complaining about having to reset every clock in the house because the power blinks off would be a #firstworldproblem #
  • Note to self: get ice scraper for actionchurch truck. Cleaning the windshields with a visa card is not optimal. :-) #
  • Power is on at Frank Theaters…and coffee is getting hot…and communion Sunday is on at 10:30. Come on out. #

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