Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-09-11

  • Network was down today so we had to cue our keynote slides like the pioneers did-without remotes. :-). @tnoldon made it look flawless… #
  • Wow you guys are definitely inviting your friends. Lots of new folks filled out talk-back cards today! #keepitup #
  • Here's some thoughts on why there are many OPPORTUNITIES (but no guarantees) for biblical community at actionchurch. #
  • Praying for everyone with flooding going on right now. #
  • Talking a little "Diners, Drive ins, and Dives" in this weeks episode of "Community Cookbook". Anyone else get really hungry watching it? #
  • I hope EVERYONE takes the time to check out the Recovery Road series from Northpoint/Andy Stanley. #

  • Pretty sure that due to this work week my blood is about 20% mountain dew and 10% coffee. :-) #
  • Want to know how you can serve God by serving people in the aftermath of the floods? Start by helping someone you know clean up damage! #FB #
  • Really thankful our finished basement stayed dry, but we did have a small leak in our roof. Glad I know a guy that does drywall/paint. :-/ #
  • I'm so inspired by the actionchurch folks I've talked to who have lost much in the flood…and still praise God and value people over stuff! #
  • If you want to witness the breakdown of society and civility…just hang out at a sheetz that has somehow run out of ALL brewed coffee:-) #
  • Here's what happens tomorrow at actionchurch. Don't miss anything from the opening song to the final prayer tomorrow! #
  • Is there anything we won't put a cog on? Nope. #fb #

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