Dear Hacker…

Dear Hacker,

So you discovered that every week we put up a local network at Frank Theaters.  It’s cleverly named actionchurch…and we use it to run our video and graphics on the screens from our iPhones.  I use it to change the slides while I preach.

You decided to take down the network during the service.  You changed the name of the network  to “Jesus isn’t Real”, installed a new password, made it impossible to remotely control anything during the rest of the service.

We thought it was kind of cute, adorable even.  We laughed about it after the service.  It turns out that Josiah ran like an Olympic sprinter and manually cued the rest of the service from the main Mac.  Most people didn’t even notice.  It was no big deal.

Here’s what I want to say to you.  I hope you come back to actionchurch.  You’re the kind of guy (or gal) that we created this church for.  Jesus is Real.  He’s why we set up literally tons of equipment of equipment at Frank Theaters each week. He’s why we put up the local network you hacked.  He’s why people come from all over to gather and listen to a guy who dropped out of college talk about things that happend two thousand+ years ago.  He’s changed our lives.  We’ve moved from selfish, empty living to “Loving God, Loving People, and Taking Action”.

Are any of Jesus’ more powerful and wealthy contemporaries still discussed and worshiped in our society?  Ever heard of a gathering to talk about the words of King Herod?  Does anyone still gather to discuss the great teachings of Pontius Pilate…or even Caesar?  There’s something about the unemployed construction worker who claimed to be the Son of God that defies explanation…

So,  I hope you’ll come back and hang with us at actionchurch.  Grab a free donut.  Hang out with really loving and accepting folks who are also exploring just what it actually means to be a follower of Jesus.  I’d love to have you on our tech team.  Hope you come back.

P.S.  The network will be encrypted next Sunday.  :-)

6 thoughts on “Dear Hacker…

    • haha, It wasn’t too big of a deal. I probably should have secured it awhile ago. :-)

      • He don’t know who he messin wid. We’ll go O.G. (original GODster) on his soul. That is funny, you guys are like the tech toops. It had to be a flook.
        Glad it’s all good now.

  1. Our techies are so awesome! You guys didn’t miss a beat. I didn’t notice a thing!!! Great save Josiah!