actionchurch “at the movies” line up:

One of the things that set Jesus apart from the other Rabbis and Teachers of his time was his use of parables.  Instead of just reciting scriptural laws or principals, Jesus would often use common stories that everyone in his audience would understand and identify with to make powerful points and connections that are still guiding us today.

During the “at the movies” series we will be discussing common stories taken from recent movie releases…today’s parables…to illustrate the still powerful words of the Bible.   Below is the schedule for the month of August so that you can watch the movies in advance if you wish.  If you would like to join up with other actionchurch folks to hang out and watch the movies together, contact  This week there are opportunities on both Thursday and Friday nights to gather to watch The Social Network.


August 7th,  The Social Network

August 14th,  Tangled

August 21, True Grit

August 28, The Adjustment Bureau


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