Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-31

  • actionchurch will be meeting this Sunday at John Rudy County Park. We'll be celebrating baptisms after the picnic: #
  • "The three most harmful addictions are heroin, carbohydrates and a monthly salary." – Fred Wilson. (via @ChrisElrod ). #
  • Humility: choosing to love the person you disagree with more than you love being right.

    -Craig Groeschel #

  • Since we now meet at Frank Theaters, we just couldn't resist doing an "at the movies" series in August, one more time: #
  • We must learn to trust Gods mighty hand! Remember. When you're down to nothing God's up to something!

    -Rev Run #

  • In case you think in have NO variety in my life, I am painting Yellow today… :-) #
  • I'm so excited and thankful for the folks getting baptized Sunday! #

  • Pass it on; actionchurch will NOT be at Frank Theaters this Sunday. We'll be at John Rudy Park for a picnic&baptisms #

  • Remember, actionchurch will NOT be meeting at Frank Theaters tomorrow. Were having a picnic/baptism @ John Rudy Park. #
  • I'm loading up the "baptismal horse trough". What a beautiful morning for a picnic and baptism! #
  • Not sure how that happened… But I guess we have rooftop seating for the actionchurch picnic. :-) #
  • Pretty sure that's what those windows were made for! cc/@Dkemrer #

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