Twitter Weekly Updates for 2011-07-24

  • Don't forget, less than two weeks until actionchurch at the park. (7/31/11)

    Details here: #

  • At the @JCCYork for the little princess' Tae Kwon do class. Love how they open their facility to the public. Thanks JCC! #
  • This heat is making me consider moving to Sheetz' Fizz City… #
  • What is the most frequently checked response box on the talk back cards at actionchurch? #
  • I'm starting to enjoy the weeks that I feel sure that I know what scripture I need to talk about…but I have no idea why. :-) #treasurehunt #
  • Making decisions without prayer is foolish. Praying INSTEAD OF making decisions is foolish AND lazy.

    Pray. Trust. Act. #

  • God specializes in doing amazing things through "nobodies from nowhere": #

  • Wow. My email account is like playing whac-a-mole today. Everything I reply to or delete keeps popping back up… #
  • Just heard a PSA urging parents to "get your kids outside" followed by a Heat advisory warning people to stay inside. :-) #confused #irony #
  • In the beginning God created & it was good. In the beginning Satan Lied and lured people away from paradise. Still happening. Chose sides. #
  • If you've ever been "lost" and wished you could pull your life over and ask for directions- DON'T miss a/c this Sunday. #

    #sillyhumans #

  • Repentance is a changed mind that leads to changed behavior.

    – Chris Beihl #

  • Gotta get one of these for actionkidz!!!! #
  • Some weeks it takes self-discipline to think about Sunday's sermon. Some weeks I can't STOP thinking about it. (This is one of those weeks) #
  • Chick-Fil-A generates more dollars per square foot in Six days per week than any of it's competitors do in seven. #sabbath #
  • Talking about lost donkeys and there's a Bob Marley song in the set… Should be an interesting day at actionchurch tomorrow. :-) #

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