Relay for Life update

Relay for Life is just two days away.   Here’s an update I received yesterday from Kenna, who is our awesome director of events at actionchurch:

Status Update:

The team for Relay looks FANTASTIC!
We seem to have a full compliment of walkers – however – anyone who wants
to experience Relay for the first time – this would be a GREAT place to fill in
– “The more the merrier”
The breakfast crowd is surging!  Those who signed up for 6:00 a.m. – will
be scrambling eggs…..Those who signed on to serve can show up no later than
Anyone who has a flexible schedule – we can always use people to carry
stuff from vehicles – I would say 11:30 Friday.
And we really, really need someone who can supervise the kid’s area from
maybe 3:00 Friday until 5:00…..this would be great for someone who maybe can’t
do the walking or the lifting….we will have some nice shade and some comfy
I really appreciate EVERYONE who has jumped on board this crazy train.  It
is really going to be a day of fun and fellowship!”
Relay for Life (York)
When:  Friday 17th (1pm)- Saturday 18th (1pm)
Where: York School of Technology Football Field. (directions)
Donate or raise funds online for American Cancer Society:  (click here)
(amazing photo from Relay 2010 by Garrett Snyder)

One thought on “Relay for Life update

  1. My Unsung Heros:
    The biscuit bakers who are busily baking biscuits in the background to feed 425
    The guy with the awesome collection of camera equipment who is really going to make this year’s booth decorations pop (eventhough he doesn’ t know it)
    The gals who arrive early and leave late each week to sell our awesome t-shirts
    The graphics gurus that come up with such cool artwork – things that I couldn’t even imagine when I hand them their pencil sketch
    The preacher and his wife who never step on my toes, but always manage to remind me about those small details that I forget (like staying calm in the middle of the storm)
    ALL the Actionchurch gang who say “I’ll just show up – use me wherever you need me!”  –