Sunday @ actionchurch

Have you ever heard the expression “poker face”?  (and for the love of God NO!- I am not talking about the Lady Gaga Song!)  I’m talking about when someone tries to keep the other poker players at a table from knowing if they are bluffing or not by keeping an expressionless or “poker” face.  Some players have really great poker faces, and others have “tells” or visible clues to other players when they are bluffing or think they have a winning hand.

We live in a world where we are bombarded with messages.  Messages from media. Messages from Culture.  Messages from Politics.  Messages from Religion. Messages from our Community. The big question is:  Which messages are true, and which ones are a lie?

What if every message has a really bad “poker face”?    What if every message has a “tell”?   What if scripture points out how the same lies have been told over and over throughout history?   What if it’s possible to cut through the DISTORTION and know the truth?   ALL of those things are true and possible…and to find out how you’ll just have to be there as we start the first week of the DISTORTION series on Sunday.

Our good friend Jerry Duncan will be providing the music with his new band, the 8th Avenue Deacons, and actionkidz will be all about learning in Dr. Tomorrows Robot Repair Shop!

The service starts at 10:30 am. No need to dress up…just wake up and join us at Frank theaters (Directions) early to enjoy coffee, Maple Donuts, and a chance to hang with actionchurch folks.

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