Bar Band

Note:  I originally posted this just a few months after actionchurch began at Fat Daddy’s Nightclub.  I’m happy to say that after three years, and the move from club 19  to our current venue at Frank Theaters, It still applies.  I guess you can take the church out of the bar…but you can’t take the “bar band” out of the church.  -Don

If actionchurch were a Rock Band, what kind of band would we be? The answer is… A nineties boy
band, with matching outfits, tight harmonies, and choreographed dance moves! (Sorry just a “dream” of mine…I can’t believe I said that out loud) Actually, If actionchurch were a band, we would be…

a Bar Band!

  • a band of ordinary guys (and gals!) who practice after work and show up on
    the weekend to Rock!
  • a band that expects to carry their own equipment…
  • a band that is always looking to play bigger clubs…to attract a bigger
    following…but wouldn’t think of “selling out” to get there…
  • a band used to having the occasional insult (or bottle) flung their
  • a band that realizes they aren’t stars…
  • a band that appreciates the fact that they get to do what they love, because
    of the people who come out each weekend to hear them…
  • Finally… a band whose sum is truly greater than it’s parts… a band
    that is surprises every one who knows them individually when they see them
    together under the lights. That’s the power of a band…and even more so…The

…and upon this rock I will build my church, and all the powers of hell will not conquer it. Mathew 16:18

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