Free Family portraits Sunday.

Sunday is Mothers day, so give mom the two things she always wants:  Everyone to be together…and someone to take a picture of it.   Sunday at actionchurch, we’ll provide you with an opportunity to make both of those things happen for Mom.

Garrett (official a/c photo-ninja…you’ve seen his photos everywhere on the this website) will have his portrait studio set up in the lobby of the theater on Sunday.  The family portrait sitting is free, and you’ll be able to make prints or email your family masterpiece to mom.   Portrait sittings start at 9:30 am, and we will have a very limited time (until 12 noon) to take portraits after the service, so please come early.  As usual, we’ll have free coffee, maple donuts, and bottled water available…so technically, you can “make mom breakfast” Sunday, as well as getting your portrait taken.

I found the awkward gem above over on You can document your own awesome Mullet for all eternity on Sunday.

Of course the Free portrait sitting is open to everyone, so please invite your friends on Facebook, at work, and on your block.   See ya Sunday…let the awkwardness begin!  :-)


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