Tomorrow is Saturday, Sunday comes after_wards.

Yep, we’ve double checked our math and Sunday is only two days away.   This Sunday at actionchurch will be the finale of the “Adventures of Daniel” series.   We’ll be talking about perhaps the most famous story of rescue and survival in scripture, Daniel in the lions den.  Even if you’ve heard the story and think you know the ending, there are still things about Daniel’s adventure that can teach us a lot about how  to survive and prosper in our own adventures today!  (if you know the ending…don’t tell anyone that Daniel survives his night in the lions den…or that the ship sinks at the end of Titanic… please don’t spoil it for others. ) 

Our musical guest is The Historic, and your kids will love actionkidz, so bring them along! 

Service starts at 10:30 at Frank Theaters (Queensgate Stadium 13).  Come early for Coffee, Donuts, Bagels, and a chance to hang with other actionchurch folks.   Directions

Fun, Fun, Fun, Fun  (Looking forward to the weekend) :-)

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