After the commercials…

Chances are you’ve already seen Volkswagen’s  “force” commercial that played during the Superbowl.  (almost 20 MILLION people have viewed this youtube clip alone!)   I like VW’s, Darth Vader, and cute little kids, so I’m all thumbs up for this clip.  However, other than demonstrating the remote start feature of the new Passat, the commercial really did not focus on the features and benefits of owning a VW.  If  over 100 Million+ people viewing a really creative and funny ad translates into increased VW sales, the campaign will be a success.  If all  100 Million+ viewers love the “cute little Darth Vader”, and aren’t motivated to check out a new VW…the campaign will be an expensive failure. What happens AFTER the commercial is what is most important!

Sunday I talked about how actionchurch exists to do two things:

1.  Demonstrate the power of “the God who Rescues”

2.  Change people’s mind about God.

I hate to compare Sunday morning services to a “commercial” for God…but in a way it’s a pretty good comparison.  I want as MANY people as possible to be introduced to God in creative, funny, and compelling ways.  I want to see the pipe and drape curtain at the rear of the theatre completely disappear.  In fact, I think we should fill the theater multiple times on Sunday!  I would love to see actionchurch introduce 100 Million+ to the Living God on a Sunday! (although I’m not sure where we’d get that many donuts. :-) )  

Here’s the thing though:  It’s important that more people each week come to hear about God at actionchurch.  It’s important that we engage them in creative, artistic, and compelling ways. We shouldn’t neglect that.  It’s just that what happens AFTER Sunday Morning is what really “counts”…

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