Leaving the ‘verbs…

the 'verbs - 31 days in Proverbs

Today is the final day of January…and the final day of the ‘verbs.  If you are reading along this month in the book of Proverbs, todays reading is Proverbs Chapter 31.

Here’s a few Monday Morning thoughts about the series:

So thankful to be  married to a “Wife of Noble Character” that the writer of Proverbs 31 talks about.  Other than the whole “spinning of wool” thing, it sounds like Michele.  In fact, if you have been blessed by actionchurch in any way over the last three years, it was probably due to her effort!

Never underestimate the power of scripture (and common sense).  The Bible is NOT “magic”.  You can’t expect that just reading scripture will “fix all your problems”.  BUT,  reading it daily AND applying it to your actions can change your life.

I am SO thankful that “we are not alone”.  I am so thankful for the actionchurch folks that I learn from and do life with each week.

It’s pretty freakin’ cool to have a giant hi-def screen in church.   Jason snapped this pic Sunday…I am a lucky man to get to preach in front of a two story Darth Vader!!!  :-)   (Check out the Podcast later in the week if you want to know why.)

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