This Sunday in the ‘verbs.

the 'verbs - 31 days in Proverbs

We’re spending the month of January in the ‘verbs at actionchurch.  If you haven’t joined us yet, we are reading a Chapter from the Book of Proverbs each day.  Today is only Chapter 7, so if you haven’t started yet, it’s still easy to catch up.  Sunday we’ll continue talking about the two major themes that run through the Book of Proverbs.

Wisdom (the ability to identify stupid stuff BEFORE doing it.)


Discipline (the ability to NOT DO the stupid stuff you’ve identified)

We’ll also be talking about a question that you may have never asked that is absolutely vital to how truly successful you will be in life.   

The guys from Symphony of Sound (check them out here) will be on stage, we’ll start with a funny video clip that I CANNOT get out of my head, and your kids will love actionkidz.

Service starts at 10:30 at Frank Theaters (Queensgate Stadium 13).  Come early for Coffee, Donuts, Bagels, and a chance to hang with other actionchurch folks.


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