This Sunday @ actionchurch

Unwrapped series this Sunday at Franks Theatre in York, PA
It’s hard to believe that there are only three more Sundays of actionchurch in 2010.  (Sunday 12/26 we will not be having services to allow our great volunteer crew to enjoy time with their families over the holidays.)   This Sunday we will begin our Christmas series by “unwrapping” the story of Joseph.   Imagine never unwrapping your Christmas gifts.   Imagine what you would miss if you never ripped off the paper and discovered what was inside. The story of Joseph is one of the most Hope-full, Helpful, and Inspiring stories in scripture…and you may have never even heard it.

Our musical guest this week is  Between Blue. (check out their music here).  We are so excited to have these very talented guys back on stage at the new venue.  The Christmas season is a great time to invite friends…and your friends have never experienced church like the Christmas Season at actionchurch.  Bring the kidz and we will see you Sunday, 10:30  @ Frank Theaters (Queensgate Stadium 13)    (Directions)

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