This Sunday @ actionchurch

MyHeart2Fear at actionchurch (Frank Theaters Queensgate) 11/28

I’m gonna keep this short and low Hype because I know it’s Black Friday, you are recovering from a Thanksgiving  Turkey Bender, and you’ve already been bombarded with advertisements for way to much stuff this week.

Here’s the deal.  Sunday at actionchurch is going to be pretty special.  Maybe not the “best deal of the year”, or “your only chance to purchase a Black Wii for $29.95.”  It’s going to be really good though, and you should probably come. (Your friends/relatives that just won’t seem to leave your house after the holiday celebrations are welcome also.)

We’ll have some high energy Rock from My Heart 2 Fear,  our kidz ministry areas will be cranked up and ready to teach your pie-fueled kidz about Jesus in a really enjoyable way.  And we’ll be talking about facebook, church, thanksgiving disasters, and stuff that happens in prison…so that ought to  pass the hour from 10:30 to 11:30 pretty quickly.    Here’s directions (Map).  See ya at Frank Theaters (Queensgate Stadium 13)   Just look for the black actionchurch tent.

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