I read recently that “churches are like sailboats, not motor boats. You can’t just gas a church up and take off…you need the wind of the Holy Spirit to make it go.” I couldn’t agree more.

I think we are definitely experiencing the “wind of the Spirit” right now. New folks are showing up each week.¬†Other¬†folks are “stepping up” each week to be part of the actionchurch crew. God is providing for our needs in an unmistakable way. We are incredibly blessed to have a great venue at Frank Theaters (Queensgate Stadium 13). Every week I become more excited about the possibilities. This is simply stuff we could NOT make happen on our own.

Here’s the thing, though. It takes more skillful “sailors” to run a sail boat than a motor boat. You can’t just “get behind the wheel and mash the gas”. Sailing is hard work. It takes skill. Sailing takes team work. Wind may be what fills the sails and moves a sailing vessel, but without a skillful crew to position the sails and keep them taut, at best nothing will happen-at worst the ship could be wrecked.

Thank you God, for sending the wind. Thank you to all of the actionchurch “sailing crew” members for your skill and hard work. Finally, to everyone just hearing about actionchurch…come aboard..I’ve got the feeling this is going to be a journey we will not soon forget!

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