Who needs a building?

One of the most difficult things about our venue search has been deciding what is most important. We’ve looked at some venues that didnt allow eating or drinking…it made us have to ask the question : Are donuts and coffee an important part of Sunday morning? Other venues asked us to move our services either earlier or later on Sunday,raising the question: Is it important what time we meet…or even what day we meet? Other venues we have considered made childrens ministry difficult or impossible…causing us to ask ourselves: Is it important to have childrens ministry on Sunday mornings? The list goes on and on…every area of our vision has been tested and questioned in this process. Some have even asked the ultimate question: Why does a building even matter? Isn’t a church actually the people? Couldn’t we all just rent a cheap conference room somewhere and worship together?

Here’s why I believe as spiritual as it may sound to say that “the building doesn’t matter”, it overlooks the most important aspect of why we do what we do…actionchurch is for OTHERS! Every sign we set up on Sunday is not to direct “us”…it’s for others who don’t yet know where the restrooms are or where to check their child in  to actionkidz. We do not stock our welcome area with the best donuts, coffee etc so that we can have breakfast on Sundays…we do it for others so that they can feel welcomed and cared for as they experience church for the first time. I don’t agonize for countless hours each week over the words I say each week for those of you I consider friends and co-workers each Sunday…my prayer is each week that “others”…someone who never even imagined sitting through a sermon would hear something that would change their life. Everything we do on Sunday morning should strive to make the person who hasn’t yet committed their life to Christ the most important person.

So, who needs a building? I think there are uncounted thousands of OTHERS in York county and beyond who do… That’s why I’m praying, and trusting that our heavenly father will provide is with just what we need to serve them. I hope you’ll join me.

2 thoughts on “Who needs a building?

  1. This is such an amazing reminder of why we are a church that loves God, loves people and takes action.God is PASSIONATE about reaching lost people…and HIS followers SHOULD BE AS WELL!…after all He found and saved us,right? That’s why we should want to share it. I know I’m praying and trusting God for undeniable favor for Actionchurch..When our purpose is God’s purpose we can rest assured in His favor…I’m gonna go 5 yr.old on ya.. God is great God is good!!!!

  2. Amen Denise.
    And Preacher it was the “sign” that brought me in the door that first time.
    others Lord others let this my motto be.