Halloween Multiple Choice.

 Sunday is Halloween so here’s a little multiple choice quiz from blogs  past for you.   What do you pick?

Halloween is…

a. …a holiday celebrated in October best known for children dressing up in costumes and asking for candy.
b. …a celebration of satanism, occultism, and consumerism in America.
c. …an opportunity for seemingly “normal” guys to squeeze into some size 14 pumps and fishnets and head off to a party without be labeled cross dressers. (What’s up with that?)

The best way to share your faith at Halloween is…
a.be generous, friendly and kind. What other time of year do your neighbors actually come to your door? No crappy candy, turning off the lights, or leftovers from your kid’s Easter basket!
b. …answer the door but tell everyone you don’t celebrate Halloween because you are Christians. (I actually saw this on a Wife Swap episode)
c. …Tracts, and only tracts! (NO CANDY) The scarier the better! Extra points awarded for those who mention the Spanish inquisition or name the Pope as the anti-christ! Enjoy getting the toilet paper out of your trees…

The best way for Churches to share their faith with their community…
a. … be generous, friendly, and kind at a community event. Get involved. Give away great stuff! Urge church goers to be the “most generous house in the neighborhood.
b. …have an alternative event. Call it a harvest party, Hallelujah party, or Fall festival. Bonus points if you feature gospel music, ban costumes, or give out prizes for reciting Bible verses. Great entertainment for the religious.
c. …ignore it! Only 196 days ’til Easter!

The best thing to teach your children from Halloween is…
a. …the joy of giving. How to be live out your faith in a post-christian world.
b. …the joy of taking…. Turn out your lights and take them to all the “best neighborhoods“. Grab as much candy as you can…make sure they split with you.
c. …to be scared of witches, Satan, and cultists. …that church Harvest parties are “almost as good as” Halloween parties. …that they can’t wait to grow up and be “normal”. 

What’s the “right” choice…It’s up to you.

 I choose “a”…but even though I know Sunday is halloween I will not be shopping for any Size 14 stillettos.   I do like to think; though, that actionchurch is a place that you could attend dressed as a star wars storm trooper and be welcomed…any Sunday of the year. :-)


2 thoughts on “Halloween Multiple Choice.

  1. Um…and I always thought Halloween was when the rest of the world took their revenge on Jehovah’s Witnesses!

    Instead of being afraid when people knock on your door that it might be a JW. The rest of the world goes around knocking on doors in search of JWs to scare.


    (I have a warped sense of humor.)