Sunday @ actionchurch

actionchurch has been called “that church in a bar”.   We’ve been called ” a church for people who don’t like church”.   Sometimes we’ve called ourselves “the dumbest church in America”.  :-)   I believe Sunday will be a reminder of how we came to have the name “action-church”. 

As a church, our search for a place to meet on Sundays has been just a tiny reminder of the real stress and pain many people in our community face every day as they wonder if they will have a home for their family to live in the following month.  Homelessness happens in York County.  We are blessed to have a new “home” to look forward to as a church.  Some of our neighbors are not nearly as fortunate.

Sunday we’ll take action to help those who don’t have a place to call home.  Everyone can help.  We’ll see the return of a very special person from actionchurch “Christmas’s Past“.   It will be “SO” actionchurch.  

Do NOT miss it.   11am  at club 19  (Directions)

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