Every week I eat at the same Diner.  It’s my home away from home.  It serves as the actionchurch office.  I have my “own” table.  I have a waitress.  The service is great, and the food is also.   Last week my parents were visiting and I took them along with my wife and daughter to “my” diner.   “My” waitress was off that day and the waitress who served us was obviously having a bad day.  Our orders were wrong…our coffee cups were empty…our waitress was “missing”.   I had a bad experience at my favorite diner.  Even though the owners were the same, the food was the same, and even the table was the same, one person made all the difference in our experience.  If that had been my FIRST experience with the diner I might have never returned…

That experience made me think about church.  First, it made me want to thank all of our great volunteer crew!  Every week is someones first (and potentially last) week at actionchurch.  The way you greet and serve our guests makes all the difference.   Second, it reminds me that EVERYONE of us is someones first impression of “church”.  

We’re got a great Sunday planned this week.  We’re continueing our “@ the movies” sermon series with the movie “UP”.  The Theresa Messano Band will be our musical guest this week.  The actionkidz crew are preparing for a Sunday morning your kidz will not want to miss.   In spite of all those things though, most people’s first impression of “church”  (and by extension God) will be based on how we serve,welcome, and accept each other on Sunday Morning.  It’s about ALL of us!

See ya Sunday.  Invite your friends and family to Club 19 (11am)  Directions

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