Second Half

I’ll keep a football theme going here, since our first movie of the “@ the movies” series is “The Blind Side”.  Last Sunday we took a little “halftime” break out at John Rudy park (minus the cheerleaders and the marching band).   This Sunday at actionchurch will be the kick-off of the second half of the 2010 “season”.  If you’ve  been away on a snack break, bathroom break, “buying a giant foam finger break”…whatever…the second half is starting and it is game time!

Here’s where church is a little different from football.  I DON’T want everyone to come back to church Sunday to WATCH the “game”.   I’m urging everyone to come ON THE FIELD!     God’s “kingdom plan” for the church was never for it to be a spectator sport.  We’re not getting ready to fill the stands…we’re getting ready to run through the players tunnel on Sunday.

I’m (mercifully) out of football references…but please PRAY and “PLAY” with us in this second half of 2010.  God is moving in some seriously amazing ways.  I’ll talk more about the details Sunday, but:

 1.  I don’t want you to miss being part of what is happening at actionchurch. 

2.   In order for us to take advantange of some of the amazing opportunities we have been given, we will need everyone  “on the field”.

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