The worst salesman in the world…

That’s me.  I’m seriously the worst salesman in the world.  I can make Tommy Boy look smooth and professional when I try to “close a deal”.  I talk too fast.  I ramble.  My hands move when I talk,  and for some reason things tend to go flying off the table in front of me.  I hate to ask for money.  (Of course you already know all of this if you’ve ever attended actionchurch.  :-) )

Here’s the thing though, I believe that God has great things in store for actionchurch.  I think God wants to bless us with a new venue that is UNDENIABLY from him.  I’ve been praying for nearly a year now that God would give us a new home that would have been impossible if not for the “down” economy.  I’m asking that God would use the current economic realities for “Good and not Evil”.  

In order for that to happen I’m gonna have to make some big “asks” over the next few weeks.  As much as it pains me to think about it, I’m gonna have to make a few “presentations”.   I might even have to TRY to “close a deal”. 

I’d really appreciate you’re prayers.  Pray for God’s favor for our future venue.  Pray for forgiving and receptive listeners for my less than stellar “presentations” .  Most of all, pray for God’s direction and guidance as we take another really big step of faith as a church. 

What ever happens, you can be sure that what ever blessings come our way we can attribute to God…and definitely not any “sales” ability on my part.

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