Summer Church

I didn’t do a Sunday recap this week because like most of you I was enjoying the holiday with my family.  I do have a couple things thoughts from this weekend that I wanted to share.

1. I am so happy to be part of a church that works together even on a holiday.  We’re a portable church.  There’s lots of work involved in turning club 19 into actionchurch each week.  We had lots of people on vacation this week…as we expected attendence was low. Even though so many of our people, including crew members were taking some well deserved time off, set up and tear down at the club went flawlessly.  actionchurch folks worked together and made it happen…just like always.  Love it.

2.  When Church is on…its ON.  On July 25th we’ll be having actionchurch at the park.  No sermon, no band…just hanging out, eating some great food and spending time together.  We also take “off” the final Sunday of the year.  (We never meet the Sunday between Christmas and New Years Day.)  The fifty other Sundays of the year, Church is ON.  Sunday was no exception.  The guys from Ionia showed up and played full on rock and roll.  There were sparklers, and silly bandz gifts for our guests.  No slacking…no “punting” because because its a summer holiday and attendance will be low.  I love that …

3.  I love knowing that Church in Summer is a lot like summer on a farm.  It’s been a while since things were planted.  It’ll be a while before harvest comes in the fall.  In spite of that, summer is when growth happens.  Roots are planted.  Expansions are planned.  Big things are happening “underground”.   I can see and feel that happening this Summer at actionchurch.  We are preparing for a harvest like we have never seen.

Please pray with us.  Join us.  Be part of this great season of Summer Church.

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