8 Lead me in the right path, O Lord,
      or my enemies will conquer me.
   Make your way plain for me to follow.-  Psalms 5:8

One thing thats clear when I read the Psalms, is that David was not afraid to stop and ask for directions.  I know it’s a cliche, but so many of us (yeah, especially men) hate to stop and ask for directions.  We hate to admit when we’re lost.    We keep driving aimlessly hoping that something will point us in the right direction.  Confession time here-  Sometimes I even argue with the “British chick” in my GPS unit.   I’ve never “won” that argument, but sometimes I think I know better than the Global Positioning Satellites…

I’m learning to ask for direction(s).  I am learning to ask God to make his way plain.  I am tired of driving around aimlessly.  I want to stop my pointless arguments with a God who can “zoom out” and see my life clearer than any Satellite.

I want God to make his path plain.  I want to follow it. 

How about you?

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