There's a map for that…

I read this morning that the war is over.  Although Verizon plans to continue their “my map is bigger than your map” commercials, at&t will no longer respond with Luke Wilson spots pointing out that maybe the Verizon map isn’t “all that”.  Instead, at&t has announced that its new campaign will tout the way its service ” improves people’s lives beyond phones”.

Over the last year the two wireless giants have spent over 4 BILLION dollars pointing out each others weaknesses…but neither have gained any significant market share.

I’ve been a verizon wireless customer for over 13 years. Even though I would love to trade my blackberry for an iphone, I like Verizon enough to have STILL not made the switch.  And, as much as I enjoy every other commercial on television being about a map, I have just one thing to say-

Bravo at&t

Congratulations on standing on your strengths, instead of just pointing out the weaknesses of your competitor. 

We should all be a lot more like that…

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