Hope from the story of Noah

Here’s the Seven reasons for hope that we can find in the story of Noah.  Keep them, share them, but most of all remember them when times of disaster come.

We have hope because:

  1. Even when God is silent-he has not forgotten us.
  2. Even when we seem to be adrift in the storm-God is still in control and is guiding us.
  3. Even when we can not see the results-God is working on our behalf.
  4. Even when our current situation seems to relentlessly stay the same-God is changing and moving things we cannot see.
  5. Even when we face discouraging events and setbacks-God is still working on our behalf.
  6. Even when we are out of “plans”-God has a plan for our future.
  7. Even though we cannot see the future-we can remember amazing things God has done for us in the past.  (Build alters)

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