"I know God"

It was a dumb moment on a dumb show (I’ve already made all my disclaimers about watching American Idol here) but its Friday so who cares. 

   On Tuesday, one of the male contestants a self proclaimed “church singer” made me cringe more than usual by countering Simons predictions that his bad performance would send him home to once again sing at his church  :-) , by saying that he would NOT be eliminated because- (and I quote)  “I know God”.   

Last night, as you’ve probably guessed already, Mr. “I know God” was eliminated and promptly thanked God because “In God there is no failure”.  Hmmm. 

Can we STOP with the “God told me-Jesus is My Homeboy-I am blessed-I know God” name-dropping, verbal-good-luck-charm “God” stuff?  How about just quietly and humbly going about our business as last years winner (also a professing Christian) Kris Allen did? 

I don’t speak for God.  After years of following Jesus I’m not sure I can presume to say I “know” God.  I do wonder; though, if he cringes and sinks deeper into his giant heavenly couch cushions whenever one of us invoke his name “in vain”.   I know I do…

So what do you think?  When is it OK to play the “God Card”?  When is it not?  Should I get a life and stop watching American Idol like a ten year old girl?   Place your votes now :-)

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