Counting the cost…

Favorite Line:  “It’s not my money!  Hah.” 

People easily jump to support a cause if they think there’s no real cost to support it.   Plenty of folks will help you “raise awareness” for your cause by wearing a ribbon, re tweeting,  joining your facebook group, starting their own hipster facebook group to encourage others to join your group,  even urging others to donate…   However, as helpful as that is, if it wasn’t for the people who actually count the cost, make the donation, show up, and put their compassion into action nothing positive would ever happen. 

Thanks to all of you who have shared your time, talents, and resources over the last two years to help make actionchurch a reality.  It would not exist without you. Lives are being changed because of your actions!

  (please retweet this three times, make it your facebook status, and email it to 10 of your closest friends.)  :-)

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