"With all my Heart" starts this Sunday!…oops make that next sunday.

This Sunday @ actionchurch we’ll be welcoming “A New Awakening” to our Sunday morning service.  You can check out a bit of their “melodic screamo” here.  Week after week Jerry our rock-n-roll czar is making actionchurch a tour stop for some really great bands.  If you miss a week…you miss out.

We’ll also be kicking off a new sermon series about Love during for the month of February-“With all my heart”.   After a week off, I’m really excited to get back behind the mic and talk about love, awkward hugs, and how to “Love God, Love People, and turn the world upside down”.       

By Sunday the Snow will be over, the lots will be cleared, the heat will be cranked, and actionchurch will be on!  Wear your snuggee… 

Uhhh….make that “starts NEXT Sunday”…  I suck as a weather forecaster :-)   Instead we’ll be doing THIS.

Thanks to Garrett/Rachel for photo.  When I try to make my hands do that it looks like some sort of gang sign.

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