Dancing Goats

Legend has it that coffee was discovered when Ethiopian shepherds noticed that when their goats consumed the red berries of the coffee tree, they became energized and began to “dance” and frolic around.  I’m not sure what kind of dancers that the goats were, (pop and lock? krumping? freestyle?) but whatever,  it was it was so dramatic that it caused the shepherds to want to try the coffee beans.  If you’re enjoying a great cup of coffee right now like I am…thank an over-caffeinated, “dancing”,  goat!

Here’s the question I keep asking myself.  Am I a “dancing goat”?   (OK, I’ve been told I dance like a clumsy ape…but never a goat.)  But…hang with me here…what is it about being a follower of Jesus that would possibly cause others to say “wow, check out that dancing goat-I’ve got to try some of that”?   What can people who follow Jesus do that could ever make others want to “have some of that”?   I’m pretty sure the answer is NOT dancing around like a caffeine-crazed goat …so what could it be?

What do you think?  Who/what influenced you to want to hear about Jesus? Spill…

2 thoughts on “Dancing Goats

  1. Not sure about the dancing goat thing, but after seeing the fooddominator2000, I said…I gotta get me one of those!

  2. TRUTH has a supernatural attraction. there is something radically appealing about knowing God’s perfect way…